RJ Plug Planter

Proven plug planter units and no-till planters with a flexible choice of frames and options for planting from 1 to 10 rows

RJ Planter DetailsRJ Planter PDF

Plug planters and no-till planters from RJ Equipment

RJ Packer/Roller

Transportable packers, or “transpackers”, built to order in roller widths from 3 ft. to 48 ft. available in 12” increments.

RJ Packer DetailsRJ Packer PDF

Soil packers, transpackers and pulverizers from RJ Equipment

RJ Gravity Grain Box

All-welded steel grain boxes from 400 to 725 bushels designed for fast unloading and safe roading.

RJ Grain Box DetailsRJ Grain Box PDF

Steel grain wagons from RJ Equipment

RJ Land Leveller

The original RJ Land Levellers recommended by Ontario farmers since 1991.

RJ Land Leveller DetailsRJ Land Leveller PDF

Land Levellers from RJ Equipment





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