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Reliable, productive planting with RJ Plug Planters

Design your planting system your way with RJ Equipment!

RJ Equipment delivers the flexibility you need to tailor your planting system to your fields, crops and harvesting requirements.  

Make the most of every minute with RJ’s 6-cup carousel with the deep square chambers to ensure a quick, accurate release every time. Our proven planting units and choice of frames allows configurations for planting from 1 to 10 rows per pass with a complete range of water tanks, tray storage and tarps to suit your planting and work crew requirements

Adjustable settings

Set optimal row widths down to 16"; change plant spacings quickly from 4" to 36"; change planting depth on-the-go with our convenient jack mounted at the tail

Efficient, easy drops

One-piece square cornered aluminum cups with deep chambers to handle tall plants easily and ensure optimal drop distances

Less downtime

RJ’s simple field-serviceable structure, featuring a springless trip mechanism and quick-change replaceable shoes, is designed for fast on-the-spot servicing with everyday tools

Traditional productivity

Familiar, efficient planting arrangement with one carousel per operator allows workers to finish the maximum acreage for every planting day

No-till planters

RJ Equipment builds the original no-till planter specially designed for efficient planting through crop residues. The RJNT (no-tilll) Plug Planter replaces the standard coulter with a 20" spring-loaded coulter to cut through trash, then a double-disc spreader on the shoe to open the row for planting.

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Features & Options

Standard Planter Features:

  • Double watering shoe allows more flow in dry conditions
  • Optional hard-chromed shoe provides double the service life and less sticking
  • Adjustable 17" wavy coulter cuts through trash to maintain consistent shoe penetration
  • Springless trip mechanism
  • Traction-type ground wheel drive
  • Spring-loaded down pressure
  • Spring-loaded nylon scraper
  • Comfortable cushioned seat combats fatigue
  • Rear jack allows quick adjustment of planting depth in the field

Optional Features:

Planter Unit

  • Spacing gears
  • Down pressure springs
  • Chrome shoe for better wear
  • Straight 17" coulter
  • Chain guards for trash and mud
  • Customized "Onion" options


  • 1 to 10-row pull type
  • 1 to 10-row three point hitch frame
  • 200-1025 (U.S.) gallon poly water tanks
  • Pressurized water
  • Rear plant storage with tarps
  • Row marker

Talk to your RJ Equipment dealer for the experienced advice on designing the planter that best suits your acreage and crop plans.


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