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Smooth and firm seedbeds with RJ Packer/Roller

Finish your seedbeds for optimum soil conditions and water retention in just one pass

Match your Packer/Pulverizer attachment to your equipment and acreage with total flexibility. Building on the original RJ “TransPacker” lineup, RJ Equipment builds transportable packers to order with all roller widths available in 12” increments from 3 ft. to 48 ft. We offer a full selection of transport and folding configurations for convenient handling on and off your field.

Our 1 ¾" high carbon solid wheel shaft ensures lasting strength and flexibility for consistent, uniform packing.

Optional packer/pulverizer wheel types are offered in grey iron or ductile iron. Also available: smooth drum roller type packers in place of pulverizing wheels.

15" & 18" sprocket/plane

20" crowfoot

20" notched
* ductile only

Optional 30"
diameter drum roller

“The equalizer”

RJ Equipment “X” Series Packers feature a ratchet adjustment that easily levels the tongue pitch for equalized packing across the full width of rollers


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Features & Options

RJ Model ‘P’

Compact & maneuverable

  • Working widths 3' to 16'
  • 1 ¾" sealed bearings
  • Centre bearing on 9' and wider
  • 4x4 tubing frame construction
  • Light Kits


  • P202 Transport Kit
  • Hydraulic Kit for transport
  • Scraper Kit 20" notched
  • Wheel

RJ Model ‘X’

Adjustable hitch           

  • Working widths 23' to 48'
  • 1 ¾" greaseable bearings
  • Dual transport wheels
  • Tongue jack
  • 11 L x 15 - 8 ply tires


  • Gooseneck tongue
  • Dolly wheel on tongue
  • Light Kits
  • Scraper Kit 20" notched wheel

RJ Model ‘F’

Hydraulic folding

  • Working widths 15' to 27'
  • 1 ¾" sealed bearing
  • Tongue jack
  • 11 L x 15 - 8 ply tires


  • Dual transport wheels
  • Gooseneck tongue
  • Dolly wheel on tongue
  • Light Kits
  • Narrow centre section
  • Scraper Kit 20" notched wheel

Talk to your RJ Equipment dealer for experienced advice on specing the RJ Packer that best suits your soil requirements.


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