Reliability that you can grow on!

Since 1987.

Founded in farming country to serve farming people, RJ Equipment is dedicated to practical solutions backed by personal service in agricultural implements.

RJ Equipment – quality to trust from seed to harvest

RJ Plug Planter

Design your planter with the total flexibility to achieve the ideal planting rates and row spacing for your operation.

RJ Packer/Roller

Complete flexibility to right-size your packer/pulverizer for your tractor and acreage; full range of wheel types plus drum roller available.

RJ Gravity Grain Box

Count on more than 30 years of RJ Equipment experience to deliver today’s best value grain box with lasting heavy-duty construction and high-efficiency features.

RJ Land Leveller

The finishing touch for ideal seedbed preparation on large level acreages; level out low spots and eliminate water pooling for a stronger start to seeded crops.