Reliability that you can grow on!

Since 1987.

Founded in farming country to serve farming people, RJ Equipment is dedicated to practical solutions backed by personal service in agricultural implements.

RJ Equipment: Reliability that you can grow on!

RJ Equipment has been a family-owned manufacturer of agricultural equipment and implements since 1987.

Based in the rural town of Blenheim, Ontario, our home is located in the heart of one of North America’s most fertile and productive farming regions.

Our first two product lines consisted of the RJ TransPacker and the RJ Gravity Grain Box. RJ Packer/Pulverizers now include three models ranging from 3 to 48 feet span available in four different wheel types. Originally, the RJ Gravity Grain Boxes were built in 225 bushel and 350 bushel sizes. Today, in keeping with the growing demands of larger harvesting operations, we offer four sizes ranging from 400 bushel to 725 bushel.

In 1991, RJ Equipment developed the RJV600 Transplanter for the tomato processing industry in southwestern Ontario. The RJ Transplanter quickly found a place in most plug planting processes including peppers, onions, cabbage, lettuce broccoli and even tobacco. The RJ Plug Planters are versatile and adapt easily to your needs offering a wide range of frames, hitches and trailers ranging from one to ten row configurations.

In 1999, RJ Equipment introduced the RJ Land Leveller. We designed the Land Leveller especially to improve drainage on the large, flat acreages of southern Ontario, available in sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet in width.

RJ Equipment is supported by a growing network of dealers located throughout many of the principal growing regions of Ontario and Quebec, in Canada, as well as the central and eastern United States.